Winter Semester Transfer Student Finally Gets Name Tag On South Quad Door

The belated welcome token solidified Lars as a member of the South Quad family.

Reports indicate that winter semester transfer student Lars Powell celebrated the name tag his South Quad Resident Advisor finally got around to making for his door.

The door decoration, which is composed of a pink piece of construction paper hastily cut into a flower shape, says Powell’s name in plain black Sharpie, loosely fitting the Disney theme his RA used tediously to make name tags for the normal students in August.

“I was ecstatic to see Alyssa finally decorated my door,” said Powell, of the sketch taped to his door in plain duct tape. “Even though it’s seven weeks into the semester, it really shows I’m a part of the hall, and not just the new guy who keeps tagging along to everyone’s student org social events.”

Powell’s name tag, which is taped next to the carefully traced Goofy drawing that says his roommate, Alex Coleman’s name, serves as a blatant reminder that Coleman scared his first semester roommate into finding a sublet.

“I wanted to make sure Lars felt like part of the little family we have here,” said RA Alyssa LeBlanc. “When he got here I made sure to let everyone know that we had a new member at the bottom of the email I sent out reminding people that quiet hours start at 10:30. I hope the flower makes him feel like a loved member of our family, and not like someone I didn’t know about until he showed up with his parents to move in.”

“I was so pumped for Alyssa to pick which Disney character went with my personality best,” said Powell, “but I guess she just went with a generic flower because I’m that unique.”

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