You Can’t Eat Experimental Prose

The most important thing to me is that you’re happy and content. But I’d also prefer if you had a roof over your head and something to feed your wife and kids. You’ve always been creative and I never want you to lose that, but you should remember that you can’t eat experimental prose.

Your take on fiction is inspiring. And very innovative. It pretty much all goes over my head! There’s no reason you can’t keep this up as a hobby for a long time, I never had to give up my fishing. In terms of post-graduate life though, we need to get serious about the fact that your fragment poems won’t heat your house.

This avant-garde journal you’ve been published in is really well produced. I can’t figure out which way I’m supposed to hold the thing, but I sure can appreciate the quality of cardstock. You should be very proud of your artistic expressions, but you should also be aware of the myriad expenses that come with being an adult.

Mortgages, private school, summer camp. These things aren’t covered by metafiction or absurdist literature. Think long and hard about this: would you rather have a two story single family home to your name or a bunch of unpunctuated sentence fragments? I really loved the drums in high school. But banging on a cymbal wasn’t going to put you through college was it?

I think your talent really comes through in the work you’ve shown me. I’m still not sure I’m reading the words in the correct order, but I guess that’s kind of the point. Anyway, I still needed to give you my two cents. Mom says “hi.”

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