Area Woman Open To Constructive Criticism As Long As She Can Cry About It Afterwards

O’Connell’s favorite parts of workshopping her work was when she could bawl in the restroom afterwards.

Sources recently reported that area woman Renee O’Connell is “totally open” to any constructive criticism on the rough draft of her senior thesis granted she’d be allowed to cry about it later that day.

O’Connell told reporters that while the thesis is still in the early stages and any advice can only make it better, she should still be expected to, “shed at least a tear or two the first time anyone has anything even slightly negative to say.”

“I know the draft isn’t exactly flawless,” said O’Connell. “But at the same time I’m also very sensitive and need at least an hour by myself to bawl a little when somebody else inevitably verifies that.”

O’Connell added that while guidance from others can be helpful, “it would be nice if someone would just throw [her] a bone every once in a while, and tell [her] that the essay is perfect and that [she’s] great.”

Sources close to O’Connell also noted that she has been seen sending her work to professors and peers for feedback only to get “noticeably shaken and upset,” when it would come back marked up with suggestions.

“I get that she’s been working day and night on this thing,” said O’Connell’s roommate Julia Hoffman, “but she keeps saying she wants it to be the best it can possibly be and then we hear muffled crying noises coming from her room when someone tries to help her with that.”

O’Connell was last seen suggesting that her thesis adviser give her at least two compliments and a hug to go with along every piece of constructive criticism she may have.

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