From Dust We Came, And To Dust We Shall Return

Alas, as the snow at our feet begins to melt into the hard ground, so too drains the icy blood from my veins, and I begin to wither like a tree of old Father Christmas torn mercilessly from its roots. The very precipitation cycle that once brought me to life now betrays my corn cob pipe and button nose as warmer temperatures wash me into liquid almost as hot as children’s tears.

But no matter, for time lulls us all back from whence we came. Of course, the jaws of death snatch some of us sooner than others, but is death not just a part of life? For many, the moment comes at just the right time, but for others it is too soon; for which category I fall in I do not know, but just as I magically came to life one day, one day I will magically go.

Indeed, I once was as alive as I could be. A jolly, happy soul, I would skip across the earth with a broomstick in hand and a joy in heart. And now, to that same earth, I must return. Shed not a tear, however, for to return to the earth means that I once was brought into it. And from it again I will be back one day.

It is as if my two coal eyes have caught fire—but is fire not the very purpose for which coal has always been destined? The heat radiates as the craters of hell, craters to which I pray I shall not be condemned. But no matter, for I lived a good life here, a full life. As the children would say, I could laugh and play, and laugh and play I did. Yes, laugh and play I did.

One last thing I ask of ye, one very last thing. Forget not your friend Frosty, who brightened the season like the nose on Rudolph’s snout. I may melt from this earth, but freeze me in your heart, for until the day of my death, ye were frozen in mine.

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