Glasses Not Enough To Get Hot Girl Taken Seriously

Maybe she should read a fucking book.

Although she returned from spring break donning a new pair of glasses, local hot woman, Eva Rivers glasses were not enough to get her to be taken seriously.

Rivers purchased the glasses before beginning her senior year of college, citing experiences with peers and professors who were distracted because of her appearance. Unfortunately, the glasses, a particularly thick pair of brown plastic frames, were actually found to enhance River’s sex appeal rather than gain her more respect.

“I hoped I could distract from my flawless skin and proportionally perfect body with these glasses,” mentioned Eva. “Apparently not even a major obstruction of my face can get people to see me as anything but an incredibly attractive sex object.”

Rivers’ peers took notice of the “nerdy-chic” spectacles, but not in the refined way Rivers had intended.“She looks like some kind of sexy librarian now,” said Rivers’ coworker Daniel Jones.

“I almost wonder what she’d look like with pigtails or suspenders. It’s like all these things that aren’t supposed to make her so desirable and distracting are somehow doing the exact opposite. I don’t know how she does it.”

At press time Rivers’ was trying to figure out if eating food more sloppily would get all the men at work to stop staring

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