Lakers Continue To Lead NBA In Points Scored By Brandon Ingram

They are also tied for last in the league in minutes played by LeBron James.

Blowing the rest of the league out of the water, the Los Angeles Lakers continue to dominate the league in points scored by Brandon Ingram.

Repeating the feat from last season, in which the Lakers scored 740 points by Brandon Ingram, the team has tallied a league-leading 924 points from the small forward, while no other team in the NBA can boast so much as a Brandon Ingram shot attempt.

“Brandon’s been injured recently, so the squad hasn’t been putting up the kinds of point totals you’d hope for by a budding second-year star,” said Lakers coach Luke Walton. “But even so, as a team we’re approaching 1000 points scored by Brandon Ingram – that’d be the most ever in NBA history, breaking our own record from last year. If we can make a playoff push, there’s no reason to think we couldn’t approach 1500 points scored by Brandon Ingram. Wouldn’t that be something special?”

While they concede that the Lakers do, indeed, continue to lead the NBA in this metric, league-associated statisticians heed fans of the team not to read too much into the stat.

“It’s true that Brandon Ingram has scored all of his career points for the Lakers, we’ll give them that much,” said ESPN analyst David Montell. “He hasn’t so much as shot a free throw for any team but the Lakers. But past data shows that no team that has ever lead the league in points scored by Brandon Ingram has won a championship, or even made the playoffs. In fact, it may be that leading the league in this stat is more of a detriment than a benefit.”

At press time, Lakers social media workers were busy making infographics claiming NBA records in Magic Johnson assists, retirements by Kareem-Abdul Jabbar, and jerseys retired per Kobe Bryant.

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