Man Checking In On March Madness Bracket Wonders What Life Is Like At Lipscomb University

Davies was seen pondering his existence in this big, crazy world.

Reviewing his picks for this year’s NCAA Basketball Tournament, LSA sophomore Eric Davies couldn’t help but wonder what life must be like at Lipscomb University. While filling out his March Madness bracket, Davis made most of his picks based on seeding and his limited knowledge of the powerhouse programs he had heard about throughout the year, he found himself stumped when it came to some of the smaller schools.

“I mean, I’ve got some friends at MSU, and a couple SEC schools, but I can’t even fathom what life is like at Lipscomb,” said Davies, who diverged from his bracket picks to learn about the Nashville school, which boasts an undergraduate population of around 4,000 and a 55% acceptance rate.

“I wonder if it’s tough going to a school that small. But they do have access to Nashville, which I’d imagine must make for an interesting college experience,” he continued.

While Davies’ had no big expectations for the school in the tournament, he couldn’t help but be curious as to the experiences at such an obscure, clandestine college. “March Madness always makes me realize how many colleges there are out there, and how many different experiences people are off having!” continued Davies. “Things are probably crazy over in Lipscomb right now.”

At press time, Davies was marvelling at how Gonzaga was able to grow to such a basketball powerhouse out of Spokane, Washington, and wondered if everyone was just super into basketball there.

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