Mother Spider Preparing For Easter Hides Egg Sacs Throughout House

The mother spider was feeling particularly proud of her hiding spots this year.

Preparing for the Easter holiday, a ground spider living in the rafters of a Saline, MI home is reportedly hiding her egg sacs for an annual hunt.

Fond of playful festivities and birthing her young in sheltered, well-incubated locations, the spider considers Easter an excellent time to have a little fun while also propagating her species.

Sources say the spider is getting into the holiday spirit, having brainstormed clever hideaways for weeks. Toothbrush bristles, the cookie jar, and the moist interior of the residents’ ear were all scouted by the spider as prime nesting locations.

A few nights ago, the spider was seen scuttling around the master bedroom, seeming to consider how well hidden her egg sacs would be beneath the spacious quilt on the queen-sized bed.

The arachnid, who plans to crawl into mass on Easter Sunday, is toying with the possibility of expanding the range of her Easter egg hunt and stowing a few of her wriggling egg sacs alongside the wafers in the communion cup.

The spider allegedly popped out thousands of eggs and gently swaddled them all in sticky silk coating which was freshly secreted from her spinneret glands.

At press time, the spider was seen creeping out of a plastic jelly-bean filled Easter egg where she had just deposited one of her own gooey surprises.

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