My Phone Cracks So Easily!

You won’t believe it when I tell you, but my phone screen shattered again last night. I seriously think I need to talk to Apple about this. My screen cracks once a week, I guarantee it. I don’t think this happens to other people’s phones. I think I have a faulty phone. Do you know how to check the manufacturer’s warranty on these things?

I need to go to the Apple store, but I don’t think I should drive right now. Did anyone else think that sangria was super strong? Anyway I think I can still order an Uber if I’m really careful about the shards. The same thing happened last year and I still didn’t miss boozy bowling, so don’t worry.

Does this happen this often to you guys? I wonder how it broke? All I know is we were at that party, and then I guess I don’t remember much. Did I drop it? Did I throw it against a wall? I think they started making the screen out of something cheaper in the past couple years. Ever since college I can never count on this thing staying whole.

This always happens; I can’t believe my bad luck! I swear, this is the fourth time it’s happened. But honestly, this isn’t so bad. Last time I lost my wallet, too, and the time before that I threw up all over the couch in my shared living room. I hope someone on the family plan is due for an upgrade.

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