Nation’s Color Commentators Announce It Great To Be Back In The Booth

“And if you’re just tuning it, what a game we’re having here tonight!” they reported.

Citing the picture-perfect day for a ballgame and energized crowd, the nation’s color commentators announced that it sure is great to be back in the booth.

“The smell of hot dogs, the sound of the crack of a bat, it’s baseball season, folks,” said Gary Cohen, 53, one of hundreds of announcers making their annual return to play calling.

His colleague agreed that it sure is great to be back on the old stomping ground.“We got a good one for you today, folks,” said Morris Kent, another announcer relishing in the opportunity to get back behind the microphone, “two teams looking to leave their mark this season. Who will be victorious? We’ll know in eight and a half innings!”

Color commentators from around the nation have noted that in addition to it being great to get back in the booth, they are also excited to “take in a great ballgame” and “see what these teams can do.”“Let the boys play,” said announcer Danny Kodak, of his excitement to be back in the booth.

At press time, the nation’s announcers were stumped by the Aflac trivia question.

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