New Detective Drama Men Connecting Strings Together On Wall

The men also had a lead they wanted to check out.

Fox’s newest detective drama, “Man Of The Law”, premiered last Thursday with mixed reviews from an audience surprised to discover the show was 48 straight minutes of men standing in front of a wall connecting pieces of string together to determine a culprit.

“The concept tested exceptionally well with focus groups,” said producer Aaron Hayman. “The show’s target audience, 40-59-year-old men sitting at home watching the show while waiting for dinner to be ready, really responded positively to two men, standing in front of a wall, wrapping twine around thumbtacks and connecting it across the wall to other tacks.”

The show also features lengthy scenes of the camera looking at the detectives through a clear wall as the characters write on it on it and numerous parts where you find out a mirror is actually one way glass.

“I didn’t know how to feel about ‘Man Of The Law’ at first,” said detective show enthusiast Jonah Evans, “but that Detective Strongston character’s really got a knack for pulling the yarn nice and taught as he connects one picture to a different one.

”Fans are excited for the airing of the next episode which promises to feature the line, “it just doesn’t make any sense… unless!”

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