Senior Taking $70k Salary Selling Gatorade Cooler On Facebook For $15

Jordan is trying to supplement his apparently not large enough income.

Despite taking a high paying job, reports from posts on multiple class Facebook pages indicate that soon to be graduate Ben Jordan attempted to sell a used Gatorade cooler for $15.

“I got all this college stuff I won’t need anymore that I could totally flip for some cash,” said the senior, who’s hourly wage will be over twice the asking price of the cooler. “Gonna be nice having a little extra cash in my pocket.”

The cooler, which was originally purchased by Jordan’s parents to use during his 2nd grade soccer games, was found while Jordan was doing laundry in the basement, and was last used for a party during welcome week.

“I mean, money is money,” said Jordan, even though he has plenty of close junior friends who would gladly take the cooler off his hands. “I don’t want to leave any money on the table.”

Before leaving town for his $70,000 plus benefits investment gig, Jordan also plans to sell a large bean bag chair for eight dollars, a blender for 12 dollars, and Michigan flag for “six dollars or best offer.”

At press time, Jordan was attempting to find a summer subletter willing to pay $800 a month for his shared bedroom, “price negotiable.”

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