Singer-Songwriter Wants You, Only You, In His Arms Tonight, Rest Of Life

That’s right, you, forever and always.

After raving about how your eyes are like the skies, singer-songwriter Jules Dumas has announced that you, and only you, are the one he wants in his arms both tonight and for the rest of his life.

Dumas, who has been all around the world and has seen all the pretty girls, reports that none could compare to the way you’re standing there.

“And I love the smell of your hair,” Dumas added, crooning from a stool placed center stage. “Is it really too much to ask, girl, for you to be my whole world?” Dumas continued.

“I don’t want much, just love, not to mention, some push and a shove,” he mumbled, clearly unable to find an adequate rhyme for “love.” Dumas later elaborated that the touch of your lips and the swing of your hips can bring him to his knees. The singer- songwriter is known to have felt love for you, as well as her, you guys, my sweet, and the one.

This announcement comes after decades of pleas for your supple touch from Dumas’ peers. “It would be so divine, if I could steal your time,” reported Dumas’ contemporaries from thousands of car radios.

The singer was looking forward to spending all of his days wrapped in your arms, as well as nights holding your hands, coupled with afternoons tracing your palm with his finger.

At press time Dumas was seen struggling to find a sensual way to describe your personality.

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