Sometimes I Just Like To Come Here And Think

I see you’ve found my special place. Welcome. Sometimes I just like to come over here, to these tall blue spinning chairs, and clear my mind. If you sit in the chair and turn at just the right angle facing the wall, the whole world truly seems to vanish.

How did you know about this place? I wouldn’t share my special spot with just anyone.

I feel like this is the only place in all of Ann Arbor that’s truly mine, you know?

When I sit here with a good book or some music or even just my thoughts, it’s just me, the fishbowl wall, and the glass skylight above. And Fishbowl Computing Site 2. That really can’t be avoided.

No one really knows about my little spot. I could sit here for hours and no one would have any clue where I was, assuming they even noticed I was gone. Except for you that is.

It’s my own world, this chair, with its tall rounded back. I make the rules here.

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