Student Claiming ‘Chill’ Music Taste Only Listens To Same Four Chance The Rapper Songs

Kessing is patiently waiting for the next big hip-hop single he could replay ad nauseum.

Although citing he was “more into chill kind of stuff ” when asked about his taste in music, sophomore Mike Kessing admitted has been listening exclusively to the same four Chance The Rapper songs on repeat for the past six months.

“I guess it was pretty cool when Mike spoke about his mellow musical discoveries last year,” said acquaintance Maddie Hamn, “but by May, when he was still playing ‘All Night’ every time he got a hold of the aux cord, it was kind of just pathetic and sad.”

Going on about how “innovative” the top four Chance The Rapper songs on Spotify are, Kessing told reporters “Chano just gets something mainstream audiences can’t understand.”

“I also found this cool thing on Spotify called ‘Rap Caviar,’” said Kessing, replaying ‘Ultralight Beam.’ “You guys should check it out.”

At press time, Kessing was seen hesitantly adding “God’s Plan” to his playlist.

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