Toddler Devastated To Learn ‘Elemeno’ Not A Letter

Canterbury was shocked to discover the noise encompassed four distinct letters.

After a grueling, three hour day of learning colors and the alphabet at Appletree Daycare, local toddler Hazel Canterbury was devastated to come home and learn that there is no such thing as the letter “elemeno.”

“I’m out there sitting criss-cross-applesauce every day in Miss Sadie’s room, and now Mommy tells me that ‘elemeno’ is actually four separate letters? As if the alphabet isn’t long enough already,” said Hazel as her Dad laid her down for her 6p.m. bedtime.

The toddler was reportedly distressed at the notion of learning more letters.

“And I already told half the other kids in the nursery that my favorite color was ‘lello,’” Hazel later added.

Her Mom, Michelle Canterbury, was sure to note the linguistic development to the child’s pediatrician later that week.

“Next thing you know,” Hazel told reporters between yawns, “they’ll be telling me the wheels on the bus go up and down or something. Or that Barney’s just some guy in a big purple suit.”

Hazel’s teachers have noted her propensity for sharing, and all out tantrum upon discovering “elemeno” was not a letter.

At press time, Hazel’s parents were planning on telling their child that blue is not a flavor.

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