UMBC Students Totally Called That

The entire student body saw this one from a mile away.

After pulling off the upset and defeating one seed UVA, reports coming in from the University of Maryland-Baltimore County indicate that the student body totally called that.

“I’ve been saying it all year,” commented UMBC junior Jacob Martin, who never once doubted the Retrievers. “We never get any respect on the national stage so this is just us showing the rest of the country what we’ve known since day one.”

“All I know is my bracket is still holding its own,” he boasted to reporters.

UMBC, which was picked by less than one percent of Americans in the ESPN Tournament Challenge due to the insurmountable precedent of a 16 seed never beating a one seed in NCAA men’s basketball history, saw this coming for sure.

“Ever since our win over Stony Brook I knew we were gonna shake up this tournament,” said UMBC basketball recruiter James Larson of the team that lost to UAlbany by 44 points. “Everyone has been sleeping on K.J. Maura and our crew but we’ve been dominating this whole year. And there’s no stopping us now.”

Despite the remarkable success rate of the student body in picking winners, reports from UMBC after the round of 32 conclude that “that’s just the madness of March, baby.”

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