Who Says Guns Are For Shooting? Top Five DIY AR-15 Arts And Crafts

People go on and on about how dangerous guns are, but what about all the uses of owning a firearm that don’t involve shooting? Here are 5 crafts you can make at home using just your AR-15, a little duct tape, and a dash of liberal tears. Let’s get started!

  1. Toilet Plunger: For this one you’ll need a toilet plunger and an AR-15. Just push the toilet plunger handle up the barrel of the gun and voila, you’ll never fear a clogged toilet again!

  2. Friendship Bracelet: Run some beads down a string and tie it to both ends of your AR-15 and you’ve got the perfect gift to show your friends how you feel!

  3. Birdhouse: Of course we can’t forget the classics! Upgrade your boring old birdhouse by replacing it entirely with an AR-15 filled with seeds instead of bullets!

  4. Pet Rock: Reminiscing about the good old days of pet rocks? Look no further! Now you can make yourself an equally cute, equally family friendly companion! Just paint your semi-automatic rifle and glue on some googly eyes and there you have it; a pet that can definitely scare everyone else’s pets!

  5. Wind Chime: Hang your AR-15 upside down over your front porch along with some metal rods and you’ve got a totally baller wind chime! In addition to its sweet sweet melodies, this wind chime has the added bonus of guaranteeing the neighborhood kids stay the hell off your property!

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