Dad Congratulates Econ Major Daughter On Basketball Team’s Performance This Year

Weinstein is excited to see how far his daughter advances in next year’s tournament.

According to sources close to the family, student Rachel Weinstein’s dad gave called her last Sunday to congratulate her on the University of Michigan Men’s Basketball Team reaching the NCAA March Madness Championship Game against Villanova.

“Hey, congratulations on them Wolverines!” said Weinstein’s dad to LSA junior with absolutely no connection to the University of Michigan Men’s Basketball Team. Weinstein reported feeling glad that her father had called, but she felt guilty that she could not give him more information on the team, as she, herself, was not involved.

“It’s nice that he called to talk about this,” Weinstein said, “But like, I just go to the school. I know just as much as he does.”

“Oh man,” Weinstein’s father was cited as saying before notifying Weinstein that he was talking to her via Bluetooth headphones while he took a walk around the block. “Ann Arbor right now! What that must be like!”

Weinstein and her father went on to discuss all aspects of the Wolverine’s climb to victory, including, what her father described as, “the beautiful shot by that Poole kid!”

Weinstein’s father went on to ask her if she knew if Poole was a freshman, a fact that Weinstein knew despite never having met or seen Jordan Poole in person.

At press time, Weinstein’s father was congratulating her for the Michigan Hockey Team’s performance, stating, “bet you didn’t know you go to a hockey school, huh?”

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