EECS 183 Final Project Just Telling Friend In Humanities They Won’t Find A Job

Extra credit is offered for recommending maybe going to grad school.

After lecture last Monday, EECS 183 students were given a list of options to complete for a final, including: “build an Atari game,” “create an app,” and “tell your best friend studying a social science there’s no way they’re finding a job in this economy without coding skills.”

“We want this to be an opportunity for our students to engage with their newly developed skill sets,” said Instructor George Lin of the final project. “Through the duration of this single, introductory course, we provide them with all the tools they need to create a simple game, design a basic app, and feel deeply superior to their peers.”

“There is no reason for any of our budding computer scientists to feel unprepared,” said TA Amy Cohen. “We want this course to teach practical skills like HTML, JavaScript, and how to belittle a coworker because they don’t know what HTTP stands for.”

Students have also expressed excitement with the assignment, with many already posting beta versions of their games online and scoffing at their roommates who have not installed Google Chrome.

“I’m surprised by what I’m capable of after just a few months of learning,” said Elizabeth Whitmarsh, an LSA freshman. “Before, I didn’t have a clue what source code even was, and now I’m deadly certain that I’m the only employable woman in my sorority.”

“We’re all really excited about our EECS 183 class t-shirts,” Whitmarsh continued. “It’s just a screenshot of the Glassdoor page that shows typical software engineer starting salaries.”

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