Graduating Senior Still Waiting On Instructions For What To Do Next

MacLennan was recently seen checking his student email for an update.

Noting that all of his friends have already known what they’re doing after college, graduating LSA senior Mike MacLennan reportedly found it “really strange” how he still hadn’t received any instructions on what he’s supposed to do next.

MacLennan, who will graduate with a degree in General Studies after forgetting to declare a real major, told reporters that he is yet to receive any information about which paths or life goals he is supposed to pursue now that he is done with college.

“After middle school, everyone’s supposed to go to high school. After high school, everyone’s supposed to go to college. And after college, everyone’s supposed to get a packet that tells them what to do next,” explained MacLennan. “So where’s my packet?”

MacLennan went on to speculate that his information packet might have gotten lost in the mail, later asking if anyone knew whom he could contact about getting sent a second copy.

Despite still being left in the dark about his own future, MacLennan said he was excited for his friends who were lucky enough to already know what they’re doing.

“My buddy Jason found out he’s going to law school, and I know a couple people who found out they’re doing internships in New York City,” said MacLennan. “I wonder if I’m going to get to do anything fun like that?”

At press time, MacLennan told reporters that if he doesn’t hear back, he could always take a gap year, pointing out that Bill Gates “took a gap year before finding out he’d be starting Microsoft.”

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