Great, Someone Brought Noam Chomsky To Your Party And Now He’s Bumming Everyone Out

Great, just great. Somebody let it slip to Noam Chomsky that you were having a party in your apartment and he’s here bumming everybody out.

As if you didn’t need one more thing to worry about while hosting, someone brought the eminent American theoretical linguist, cognitive scientist and philosopher as a plus one and he won’t stop explaining the intricacies of America’s descent into Oligarchy to your friends. Perfect.

Oh, look. He’s telling Michelle about how social media is lulling the masses into complacency and the logical inconsistencies of people who identify as conservative in this country despite their generally social-democratic attitudes. How did he even get here? I bet he came with Jeff.

Awesome. The 89-year-old anarcho-primitivist is putting a damper on the conversation by the punch bowl by describing how the 2008 financial crisis could be easily predicted when confronting our Lockean conceptions of value and possessive individualism. Terrific.

Hardly anyone is talking since he completely killed the vibe and reminded everyone of US media complacency in the Indonesian Occupation of East Timor. Fan-fucking-tastic.

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