Man Checking To Make Sure Entire Order In Fast Food Bag Apparently Been Hurt Before

Schneider was reportedly nervous to even put himself out there again.

After a quick stop at his local Wendy’s, area man Josh Schneider frantically searched through his take out bag to confirm that his entire order was in there, leading friends to believe that the fast food chain had certianly wronged him before.

According to friend James Quinto, who was reportedly sitting shotgun at the time, Schneider had stopped the car in what Quinto described as a “sort of panic” before continuing their journey home to confirm that the bag did indeed contain exactly two cheese burgers, three small orders of fries, and a four-piece chicken nugget.

“I understand that he wants to get what he paid for,” said Quinto “but he was so quick to search the bag I’m really wondering what hurt him so bad in the past to make him act like this.”

Schneider told reporters that while his reaction may have seemed a bit severe, he felt he could never be too careful as, “the worst thing in the whole world is when you get home expecting a beautiful, luxurious Baconator only to discover it was never even there in the first place.”

Upon discovering that his order was completed correctly, Scheider let out a noticeable sigh of relief, making sure to note that he would have “gone back in and fought someone,” if he had needed to. Despite spending only $8.75 on his food, Schneider was sure to check that he got what he paid for, and that he wasn’t cheated, “like that time way back when.”

Schneider was last seen asking Quinto to double check that the barbeque sauce was in the bag before they got too far away to turn around.

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