Man Who Renounced Social Media Really Misses Being In The Loop For Events, Meme Culture

Mackus also missed the feelings of FOMO he’d experience scrolling past the posts of cooler friends.

Remarking that all the bad press regarding Facebook pushed him to take a long-awaited break from his social media, area man Sam Mackus admitted that he does miss being in the loop for parties and the latest in internet meme culture.

“It’s been really nice not having to worry about what everyone else is doing, or to be constantly on my phone,” said Mackus, who has now been off all forms of social media for about a week. “It is tough not knowing when anyone’s birthday is though, and I never see any of the memes people are sending around.”

Although he is happy to have been rid of the digital shackles of constantly checking his notifications, Mackus was reportedly worried that he wouldn’t be up-to-date on his friends’ events, as well as the latest internet sensations.

Mackus insisted that while on the whole, his time off of websites like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat has made him realize what an anxiety-inducing cancer to society social media has become, he does miss being in the loop for punchy jokes on current events.

“Whole meme trends have come and gone, and I’ve had no knowledge of it,” said Mackus. “Sure, I’m feeling more refreshed, more focused, all of that, but c’mon, I don’t have any idea what’s going on this weekend and have no context for the crying Jordan face on that actress’s picture!”

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