Sad Guy Pushing Cube

If the cube doesn’t spin away Strombley’s sadness, he can’t imagine what will.

Reports emerged late last week that a sad guy was pushing the Cube.

Sources reported seeing LSA senior Jacob Strombley last Thursday at 8:57p.m. pushing the large art installation designed by Tony Rosenthal in 1968 into motion. Strombley caused the cube to revolve four and a half times before leaving the premises.

“He does this every day,” said Ann Arbor local David Somers. “I try to get out here with my family sometimes and let my kids play with the Cube, but there is always this mousy brunette kid with a forlorn look in his eye hogging the damn thing. It’s unjust.”

“It was already dark out, and I don’t really know who he was doing it for other than himself,” added equally-concerned onlooker Rita Chang. “I wish he could just go and press the entirety of his body weight against the Cube somewhere that’s not in public, you know?”

Other community members, however, were more enamored with the display, with LSA Opportunity Hub director Marissa Stephens referring to Strombley’s pushing as “experiential art in action.”

“You can see how he kinda struggles with it at first, and so you worry that maybe he can’t do it. But then he gets going, and boy, you’ve never seen that giant, brownish-black block-thing move in this way before” said Stephens. “Just keep on turnin’, just keep on turnin’.”

When informed of the existence of an identical sister Cube at Astor Place in New York City, Strombley sadly acknowledged that he one day hoped to push it.

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