Student In English Class Just Thinks That Interesting

The professor thanked Turne for pointing us to that passage.

Explaining that he was not quite sure what to make of it, local sophomore Will Turn reportedly just thought the passage he read out in his English class was interesting.

Turn reportedly read out six sentences from William Faulkner’s “The Sound and The Fury” before concluding that it was interesting, though he “still wasn’t sure what conclusions to draw from it.”

“Yeah, it’s interesting,” said Turn to a room full of peers and his professor, “I guess what I’m asking is more what you all thought of it.”

When asked to elaborate on his interest in the excerpt by his professor Jeanette Meeks, Turn responded that “it really struck a chord with him” and that he “just couldn’t get it out of his head.”

Professor Meeks remarked she was a bit put off by Turn’s lack of academic criticism in his comment on Faulkner’s work.

“I appreciate Will trying to participate in discussion and voice his own reading,” said the American Literature specialist, “But there wasn’t anything innovative about the portion he read aloud and it really took all the momentum out of the room.”

The section moved on after Meeks asked a completely silent class if anyone ‘had anything to add to Will’s comments.’ Will raised his hand only once more in the class period, piggy- backing off a classmate’s point but offering nothing substantive at all in his comment.

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