T-Ball Player Assigned To Right Field Gradually Realizing He Sucks

Williams realized that it’s only getting worse from here.

Youth baseball player Timmy Williams is reportedly coming to terms with his complete lack of talent after being assigned to right field in his team’s fifth game of the season.

Williams, who received the demotion two games prior, was midway through the game when it dawned on him that he was probably fated for an abysmal sports career for the rest of his life.

“Look, I was never kidding myself into thinking I was actually good,” says Williams. “But there I was fifth inning, sitting in right field, hadn’t gotten a single bit of action all game, when it just kind of dawned on me: ‘Oh man, am I just complete garbage at this sport?'”

Williams, who enjoys watching cartoons with his brother and whose favorite subject is science, has put in a tremendous amount of effort this season, which has unfortunately only made his complete lack of athleticism all the more apparent.

His T-ball coach Derek Braun applauded the young man’s efforts, but admitted at this rate he was destined for JV- level managerial duties at best. “You’ve got to hand it to the little guy, he really puts his heart into it,” says Coach Derek Braun. “The problem is just that the rest of his body doesn’t quite know what the hell is going on.” “I think if I keep getting put in the outfield and grounding out to second and what not I might just have to hang up the cleats next season,” says Williams.

“Maybe I’ll take up swimming or something where you don’t actually have to be good at sports to do it.”

At press time, Williams’ mom was passing out orange slices between innings, giving encouragement and letting him know win or lose, she was still proud of him.

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