Used Condom Lovingly Woven Into Nest By Mama Bird

The latex offered premium protection against the elements.

In an effort to make her new home more safe and secure for her unborn chicks, sources confirmed that area Mama Bird lovingly wove a used condom into the lining of her nest.

The Mama Bird reportedly spotted the used condom in the parking lot of a local convenience store and thought that it would make, “the perfect addition,” to her humble home.

According to reports, the condom sat soaking in a dirty rain puddle for a total of 12 hours before being stealthy scavenged by the mother bird.

The used condom now reportedly plays an integral role in both the foundation and decoration of Mama Bird’s nest. Alongside the twigs, leaves, and small branches, the contraceptive device helps to shield the birds’ nest from the natural elements.

The Mama Bird has recently been spotted sitting seemingly calm and happy as she warms her eggs along with the help of the condom’s warm embrace.

At press time, the Mama Bird was seen trying to shove a moldy cigarette down the throat of one of her newly- hatched chicks.

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