Ann Arbor Named Top City For Young People, Elderly Couples Who Listen To Folk Music

This is the second time that the city has received recognition for its burgeoning ‘old-people music’ industry.

Last week’s issue of U.S. News named Ann Arbor, Michigan as the nation’s top destination for both young people and elderly couples who list their favorite musical genre as classic American folk.

U.S. News correspondent Dana Walters noted Ann Arbor’s unique appeal for “young professionals attracted to the city’s growing tech industry,” as well as for “grizzled old men and women who prefer to spend their Friday nights immersed in the steeped musical tradition of generations past.”

“This city is quite simply an unparalleled place for skilled young talents in search of work in a variety of sectors,” said Walters. “It’s also the best place to be if you’re an aging boomer couple who values acoustic instrumentals and worships at Bob Dylan’s boots.”

“Ann Arbor has something for everyone,” added Councilwoman Deborah Sidley when reached for comment. “It truly is the ultimate food and entertainment destination for everyone—from Toyota engineers commuting to Detroit to retired engineers commuting with their wives to The Ark from the Old West Side to hear ‘This Land Is Your Land’ as a round.”

The U.S. News accolade is the latest in a string of honors awarded to the city, which was last awarded the recognition of being the “Best Dating City For Millennials and Swing-Dancing Octogenarians Celebrating Their 60th Anniversary,” as well as “Top Food City for Young Gastronomes and Geriatric Patients with Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity.

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