Area Mom Physically Cannot Stop Seeing “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again”

Vanburg can still see Pierce Brosnan’s face every time she closes her eyes.

As of last Wednesday, sources confirm that area mother Darcy Vanberg has attended 29 screenings of the jukebox musical “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again” against the accordance of her free will.

Vanberg is a self-identified ABBA enthusiast and Meryl Streep fanatic who attended a midnight premiere of the sequel in July but had no intentions of seeing the 114-minute film another 28 times.

“I was delighted by the film and just charmed by Andy Garcia’s appearance, but I didn’t think I’d see it again until it came to my Netflix,” said Vanberg of her initial experience.

Seeing the movie in theaters has manifested into a physical addiction that Vanberg has no power over.

“Last night I fell asleep at home. In my own bed. And I woke up to an AMC usher poking me with a flashlight telling me I had to go,” said Vanberg. “I must’ve have driven there for God’s sake.”

The addiction has completely disrupted Vanberg’s life.

“The kids miss her,” said David Coleman, her husband. “Last night our daughter asked me if mommy was off seeing Cher again.”

The Vanberg family has asked for privacy and support in this trying time.

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