Area Woman’s Outdoor Workout Ruined By Storm, Entire Chocolate Cake Later That Day

Lester will repeat this pattern for the entirety of winter.

After only ten minutes of jogging outside, area woman Jane Lester’s workout was ruined by one of the worst thunderstorms of the summer, which was followed by Lester’s consumption of an entire chocolate cake.

“I’m a really dedicated athlete,” said Lester. “So it was really just such a shame when I first saw the storm clouds forming. I hate to ruin a good workout,” she continued, as she licked remnants of the cake’s frosting from her fingertips.

Lester reported that it was “constantly raining” this summer, which ruined almost as many of her workouts as baked goods did. The summer did see an increase of storms, but it also saw an increase of giant cakes consumed by Lester.

“I’ve been setting myself fitness goals, and they become a lot harder to reach when the weather is so unpredictable. But I guess weather is something you just can’t prevent,” said Lester, who certainly could have prevented indulging in a chocolate cake large enough to provide dessert for six people.

“It’s just so sad because I genuinely enjoy exercise and physical fitness,” continued Lester, who enjoys chocolate cake even more.

Sources say that Lester did consider purchasing a treadmill so that she could run indoors, but running outside makes her feel more “peaceful,” which is almost as good as the raw euphoria that she gets from inhaling an entire chocolate ganache cake in under eight minutes.

At press time, Lester was seen at the local bakery after learning of the next day’s weather forecast.

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