Cool RA Willing To Look Other Way On Markley Cockfighting Ring

Carter casually threw in a couple bucks towards the community-building event.

Sources indicated that Marcus Carter, a new residential advisor of Slittle Hall in Markley, has earned a reputation among his residents as the “cool RA” due to his lax attitude on noise violations, calm yet firm handling of roommate conflicts, and willingness to look the other way and not report the underground cockfighting ring that has developed among Markley’s residents.

“I was a freshman not long ago myself,” said Carter. “It can be tough to adjust to college life, and everyone has a few bumps in the road. If I’m doing a room check and I see a beer can, I’m not gonna be the type of RA that reports that right to the hall advisor without trying to handle it myself first. My motto as an RA is, I won’t have a problem if you don’t make a problem. By that same token, if a few kids are training rabid birds to rip each other up in an underground betting ring, well if I’m not seeing it, how big of a problem can it be?”

Many students in Carter’s hall have expressed their appreciation for having such a “chill” and “relatable” advisor.

“Yeah, I’d say we lucked out,” said Slittle resident Andrew Vaughn. “I have a friend in MoJo who got handcuffed and taken to the police station for having a bit of pot on him, but Marcus is cool with us forcing the roosters to fight as long as we’re not too obvious about it.”

The cockfighting ring, which began shortly after students arrived for the fall semester, features around a dozen large birds, which fight once a week as the residents place bets on the winners. While the activity is in clear violation of at least a dozen hall codes, city ordinances, and federal laws, Carter believes sometimes “you need to just let the kids live a little.”

At press time, Carter was seen being “blissfully unaware” of the mini fridge black market being run out of room 1219.

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