Freshman English Class Just Personal Reflections

Turcotte wants you to write a 500-word response to a time when you felt challenged.

Explaining that there do not seem to be any other assignments or teaching methods involved in the course, students enrolled in Freshman English 175 seminar report that the class is “basically one long personal reflection.”

“Our first class, our professor had us write a reflection on what had brought us to Michigan, and it didn’t seem that weird,” explained freshman Serena Gonzales. “But when I looked at the syllabus, every homework and project listed was just a different kind of personal reflection.”

Students initially thought the reflections would be introductory to a semester of interesting readings and discussion but now fear that there is nothing beyond their personal reflections.

“I was relieved when our professor said he didn’t believe in exams, but I don’t know how many personal reflections I can write, and it’s only been a week,” stated freshman Jake Turcotte. Added Turcotte, “I can only be so introspective.”

“I don’t really have a problem with the structure of the class, but I do wish professor Mattel wouldn’t keep trying to dress up his assignments,” reported freshman Derek Banner. “He’s not fooling anyone when he gives us a 400-word meditation piece”.

Sources report that students have so far been required to reflect on their expectations and concerns about the class, life-defining moments, and other personal experiences. “I really wanted to get my students to step back and take a good long look at who they are on the inside without assigning any readings or research assignments,” stated class professor Gary Mattel.

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