Student In Group Photo’s Request For A Silly One Goes Woefully Unanswered

Stonewick just wants to live in a sillier world.

Sources report that, following a call for friends to gather for a group photo, junior Daniel Stonewick’s request for “a silly one” went entirely unacknowledged. Under the assumption that he had spoken too quietly, Stonewick reportedly repeated his question again, still to no avail.

“Hey guys, now that we’ve got some normal shots, what if we did a really goofy one—just for fun?” stated Stonewick. Continued Stonewick, “wouldn’t it be fun if we did a silly one?”

Although witnesses claim that Stonewick asked about doing a silly photo in between each of the seven photographs taken, all attempts to raise the idea were met with indifferent silence.

“You would think he could take a hint by now,” said friend Jason Burbo. “It’s not like we have anything against silly ones, but it has to happen organically. I just can’t stand the thought of looking back on these pictures and seeing all of us force silly. It would be devastating.”

“Man, what a night,” explained Stonewick. “It’d be hilarious if we were looking back at all these serious photos and found one ridiculous, off-the-wall-one, right?” Added Stonewick, “Let’s show the world that this group can really let loose!”

At press time, Stonewick was seen making a funny face for the camera while suggesting the others follow his lead.

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