Child Makes Wish On Falling Airplane Mistaken For Shooting Star

Her dreams have reportedly not come true.

Early last week, under the impression that it was a shooting star, area 8-year-old Sandy Altman made a wish on an airplane that was falling out of the sky due to total engine failure.

Reports show that Altman made her wish while over 500 passengers and crew members were screaming in horror as they plummeted to their inevitable deaths. At the exact instant when several of the passengers began audibly praying that the pilot would regain control of the plane, Altman wished for a pony.

“I’ve always wanted a pony because I think it would be fun to ride, and I’d name her Bubbles,” said Altman, as hundreds of passengers realized that they would never again see their friends or family. “Now I can finally meet Bubbles because this lucky star flew by,” she continued, referring to the depressurized Boeing 747, which had begun falling apart in midair.

Altman also made wishes on some of the falling debris, which she identified as “mini shooting stars.”

“On that mini star, I wished for the new Dora the Explorer backpack that I really want,” she said as she pointed to one of the falling jet engines, the sight of which caused mothers within the airplane to hug their petrified children one last time.

“And I wished for Barbie’s dream house on that mini star,” continued Altman, referring to part of the airplane’s wing, which was falling alongside terrified passengers who were sucked out of holes in the deteriorating airplane’s wall.

Altman closed her eyes and “wished really hard” on the debris and the “special star,” which was really the vehicular harbinger of death for hundreds of innocent passengers, one of whom was a father that had to tell his son he would “never see mommy again.”

Reports have shown that, despite the brutal deaths of 517 victims of the nose-diving aircraft, Altman has still not received her pony.

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