Defiant Student Speaks Latin Inside Modern Languages Building

Gardner chanted 'Amor Vincit Omnia' while drinking from his sacred chalice.

The Modern Languages Building, colloquially abbreviated MLB by students, was thrown into chaos on Thursday morning when renegade sophomore Brad Gardner began speaking in Latin in the hallway.

The ancient speech was met by harsh criticism from the administration. “This building expressly forbids the use of old languages,” said Spanish Professor Madeline Wilmington, “I mean it’s right there in the name.”

Gardner’s behavior was described as suspicious before the event. “I saw him early on chanting grammatical endings to himself and instantly knew something was up,” stated sophomore Joe Turpack.

In the aftermath of the incident, officials are left wondering why and how Gardner committed this heinous act.

Sources say Gardner was a troubled student who had a long history of suspicious behavior and unsavory social media posts, usually in Latin. “He gets really bad grades in English class, and it makes him really mad,” said former classmate Angelica Hill. “Every time he gets an essay back he starts muttering angrily in a strange language, it’s so weird.”

Students were left in shock following the incident.

“‘Carthago delenda est, carthago delenda est,’ he kept repeating that and can’t stop hearing it in my head,” said Freshman Miles Conrad.

Gardner has since been banned from the MLB.

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