Dinosaur Skeleton Having Tough Time Making Friends In New Museum

V. mongoliensis is having a rough day.

Sources reported last Wednesday that the recently-relocated velociraptor skeleton at the University of Michigan Museum of Natural History is having a tough time adjusting to his new environment.

“Poor guy’s having a rough go of it,” reported Head Curator Amy Harris on the museum’s latest acquisition.

The velociraptor skeleton in question, transported from Mongolia to the museum last week, reportedly doesn’t seem to have adapted to the Dinosaur Hall exhibition floor just yet. “He’s not like that triceratops we just got,” noted Harris. “Now that one really dominates the room, he has this amazing energy and presence. Velociraptor mongoliensis, on the other hand, just doesn’t command that kind of attention.”

“I just wish he wasn’t so self-conscious,” remarked museum visitor Ellen Scott. “I’m sure he has his own kind of charisma, but the other dinosaur bones have no way of knowing unless he opens up a bit,” she added, sighing. “It’s a damn shame.”

“He looks so lonely,” observed museum night janitor Bruce Jenkins. “I know he might not be able to hang with the meathead T-Rexes and Allosauruses around here, but I’m hoping he can meet some like-minded fossils in the same evolutionary place as him soon. In the meantime, we can share a cig or two together after work.”

The velociraptor skeleton was last seen in his exhibit struggling to make small talk with some neighboring trilobites.

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