I Had A Lot Of Fun With You Last Night

I really enjoyed spending time with you last night. That was so much fun and I feel like we really hit it off. I hope to hear from you soon because like I said, I had a really great time.

Most of the guys I meet around here are so shallow. After two dates I’ve just about had it with them. But you seem different, and last night was so much better than those rotten dates I’ve had with those assholes. I know you’re busy so if you have a chance maybe we could hang out again? Only if you’re free though!

Remember when the waiter asked for a tip, and you said, “Here’s a tip, get out of my face!”? That was so funny, you practically had me in stitches. Honestly, we only spent one night together but I can already picture our future nights together. I found this cool pie recipe on the internet, maybe we could make it together!

It didn’t even feel like a date with you, you know? It just felt so fun and natural, as if there was no pressure or awkwardness. I left you a couple messages but I know you don’t keep your notifications on. I love how you’re so disconnected. Hope to hear from you soon.

Anyways, just wanted to say again that I had so much fun with you and I hope you had fun too!

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