Inclusivity Win! This Disturbed Man Puts Razor Blades In Gluten Free Candy Too


About time! Looks like this sicko is finally joining the rest of us in the twenty first century. Tired of watching celiacs and otherwise allergic children miss out on the joys of trick-or-treating and the horrific realization of slicing their little mouths and throats with a razor blade slid into a tampered Snickers bar, 43-year-old Glen Archen has decided to be the change he wants to see in the world. Way to be, Glen!

For too long have allergies stopped children from fitting in at school. They are restricted to a peanut-free table at lunch, they can’t freely snack at a friend’s house without checking the ingredients, they can’t painfully ingest a one-and-a-half inch razor blade sending them on a traumatic trip to the hospital due to internal bleeding. Well, no more! Dietary restrictions are a reality in this world and people like Glen can see that.

Glen knows that the times they are a changing and he won’t be left behind. He even puts razor blades in Baby Ruth bars, on the rare chance that they are the only candy bar that a certain child can digest without a reaction. Maybe someday the rest of these monsters will see the light and stop putting razor blades in candy that appeals to children without dietary restrictions, exclusively. We say good for you, Glen! Thank you for respecting the dietary restrictions of America’s future!

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