Kid With Peanut Allergy Totally Gets Pranked

Oldest trick in the book.

Wily trickster Adrian Scott struck again last Tuesday when he hilariously slipped a handful of ground peanuts into the sandwich of peanut-allergic classmate Ethan Marsh.

The sly prankster’s devious little felony assault was noted by Scott’s friends as “classic comedy,” garnering him a number of high-fives around school.

“Sick joke, dude!” observed best friend Brad Michaels, while making it known that he’d “hate to be” that kid.

Fellow classmate Cara Benson witnessed the scene while eating with her friends, noting that “it was pretty funny at first, but then Ethan kind of ruined the whole schtick when he went into anaphylactic shock. I wish he could’ve had some good humor about the whole situation,” she added.

A nearby lunchroom employee witnessing the side-splitting antics reported that Ethan “was being a good sport about it all at first,” but then “took it too far when he was wheezing at me to call an ambulance,” adding that Marsh next time should “just go with the joke.”

Scott was last seen rubbing his hands together and plotting another totally insane prank.

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