New Housemates Accidentally Acknowledge Each Other

Sources indicate that eye contact might have been made as well.

Despite getting used to each other’s schedules since August, housemates Sofie Smith and Abbi Gross failed to properly ignore each other’s presence and were forced to acknowledge one another in the kitchen of their two-bedroom apartment this past Monday.

Smith and Gross moved into a small off-campus house together after Gross responded to Smith’s post on Facebook.

After living in awkward silence for weeks, Smith and Gross were forced to make eye contact in the kitchen due to their careless oversight. Smith reportedly said “hi,” cueing Gross to say “oh, hi,” before awkwardly laughing and taking her bowl of cereal into her bedroom.

Both housemates are left reeling from the encounter.

“I didn’t even know she was home,” said Gross. “If I’d heard her get up, I would have never wandered into the kitchen.”

“I thought she had class Mondays at nine,” Smith told reporters, despite reportedly never discussing their schedules together. “I can’t believe I made that mistake.”

Although each girl thought she would befriend the other, Smith and Gross still have yet to introduce themselves. Each girl blames this on being shy and has stated that if their roommate really wanted to make an effort to be friendly, “she could come up and say hi to me first.”

After the accidental acknowledgement, the housemates were again seen in the routine of scurrying and hiding in their respective rooms whenever they heard the door open in addition to unspokenly alternating their times on the couch.

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