Twinning! These Two Friends are Getting Married at the Same Time on the Same Day in the Same Place!

Can you say Twinning!

Talk about best friends forever! Nick Hess and Nina Goldberg go way back. Like, all the way to the start of college. They love all the same things: the same foods, the same movies, and even the same styles. And now, four years after they met, Nick and Nina are even having matching weddings, getting married in the same venue, and with both services happening at 11am on Saturday, April 27th.

That’s the kind of love only two friends could share!

That’s not all, though — they even hired an identical minister and invited identical guests. Good luck trying to tell these weddings apart! “Nick and I wanted our weddings to be perfect, so we made them match in every way we could,” explained Goldberg. “It’s part of what makes us such a spontaneous duo! We’re always twinning — matching house, matching town, matching bed.”

Now that’s dedication! Maybe someday, they’ll even have matching kids!

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