Waiter Announces Vegetable Of Day Is His Grandfather

But he would suggest the carrot stew.

While reading the specials at a local Olive Garden, Waiter Jeremy Richards announced that the vegetable of the day was his grandfather, who experienced severe brain damage last May.

“Our entrée specials tonight include the Meat-Lovers’ Pizza, the Spaghetti Arrabiata, and the Spinach Calzone,” said Richards to the Howard family, which was dining at the Olive Garden for dinner. “I would also like to announce the vegetable of the day, which is my grandfather,” continued a somber Richards.

“We have chosen my grandfather James as the vegetable of the day because of the deliciously sweet love and compassion he showed before tragically suffering brain damage in a brutal car accident.”

While Richards stated that he “definitely recommends” the Meat-Lovers’ pizza, he would also advise the restaurant patrons to honor the memory of his vegetative grandfather, “who was always around to offer a smile, even in times when it seemed impossible.”

“Yesterday’s vegetable of the day was roasted eggplant because of its flavorful skin” said Richards. “While my grandfather did not have flavorful skin, he did have a unique taste in books and movies, which was always so sweet right up until the accident.”

“I was really hoping for roasted broccoli today,” said Olive Garden patron Samuel Howard. “But I guess the memory of our waiter’s grandfather is okay too, considering how tender he seems.”

At press time, Richards recommended the Minestrone soup, which was always his grandfather’s favorite.

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