Wisconsin Moms Give Players Permission To Stay Up Late For Night Game In Ann Arbor

The players have reportedly promised to get to bed at a reasonable hour.

Following a week of intense practice on the heels of a two-game win streak that has earned the Badgers a top-15 NCAA ranking, sources close to the team in Madison are reporting that the mothers of the Wisconsin football team have granted their sons permission to stay extra late at their scheduled play date in Ann Arbor.

“The boys worked really hard this week,” said Wisconsin Head Coach Paul Chryst. “Here at the University of Wisconsin, we like to encourage that kind of initiative by rewarding it when we see it. I’ve spoken to the moms of our guys, and they all agreed that the boys have earned the right to stay the night at the Big House this Saturday after they play with the Wolverines.”

Stacy Hornibrook, mother of Wisconsin quarterback Alex Hornibrook, echoed the coach’s sentiment.

“All of us team moms were in agreement,” relayed Hornibrook. “The whole team did a great job all weekgiving 110% in drills, eating their vegetables, and staying on top of their homework. This won’t be a permanent curfew extension, but I think they earned this one.”

“Usually, we like to let our kids play earlier,” explained team mother and Wisconsin alumnus Kelly Davis. “Noon games are great, because the boys all get tuckered out in the daytime. 3:30 starts are okay, too. But we know how hard they’ve been working, so it’s nice to reward the boys with a special playdate.”

Samantha Edwards, another mother of a Badgers player was more skeptical. “I know the boys have been working really hard, but I just hope this doesn’t lead to Timmy asking to stay up to watch Saturday Night Live every weekend. He needs his sleep!”

Rumors are swelling that the Wisconsin team players are packing toothbrushes and sleeping bags with the hopes that they can talk their moms into a sleepover at the last minute.

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