Amazing! The Boy Who Broke Your Heart Sent A Really Nice Text


Chivalry isn’t dead! Rest easy, hopeless romantics, because the boy who just broke your heart sent a text message apologizing. Sure, maybe Jeremy ghosted you for 3 weeks while he was “taking time to figure shit out” but get over it! He is super sorry he “went all MIA”, he’s just been “like really busy with midterms and working on my screenplay”.  Yes, Jeremy left you for a slightly younger, slightly hotter, more emotionally stable version of yourself, but that’s ok! His double text at 11:48 pm last night shows his true remorse.

Listen, it’s not all that bad—Jeremy remembers fondly the times you spooned in your bed watching Chef’s Table on a snowy Wednesday night. The times you pretended to do work for Stats 250 but ended up just watching Eric Andre videos. The times he made you feel like a Victoria’s Secret Angel wearing sweatpants and no makeup. Jeremy acknowledges all those “chill times” you had, and don’t worry! Jeremy thinks there’s “a really lucky guy out there for you :/”

Jeremy feels really badly about ending things so abruptly- literally leaving you at dinner with his parents- but at least he had the decency to send you a heartfelt “sorry.. lol” text message. After all, picking up the phone would have been super hard for Jeremy, and plus, iMessages are free—who has disposable income to spend on phone calls? Not Jeremy, he already spent his allowance on No Thai and Tinder Plus.

Really, it’s every little girl’s dream to get a love letter, and living in the digital age this is literally the best we can ask for! Kudos to you, brave Jeremy. You are forgiven.

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