Astonishing! This Thesaurus Has 11 Shocking Synonyms for Surprising


1. Unexpected

You know, when it comes to replacement words, this one is a classic option. Can’t go wrong here. So long, ninth use of “surprising” in my ethics paper“unexpected” is takin’ over.

2. Startling

This one is perfect for when “surprising” just doesn’t capture how taken aback you were when your roommate’s pet lizard popped out of your sock drawer.

3. Amazing

In a world of dull, ordinary words, “amazing” comes to the rescue with an attitude that says “Hey world, this isn’t your normal everyday sentence.”

4. Extraordinary

L, is for the way you look at me. O, is for the only one I see. V, is very, very…. surprising? I don’t think so. We need a word like “extraordinary” to describe the true nature of love, people.

5. Remarkable

markable (adj) – capable of being marked

remarkable (adj) – somehow doesn’t mean capable of being marked again

6. Stunning

Because if I told my wife she looked “surprising” in her dress, it wouldn’t be a very fun night.

7. Electrifying

I don’t think I’ve ever heard this word used outside of that one song in Grease, but where would this world be without that cinematic masterpiece? Thank you,!

8. Unforeseen

This one’s a bit of stretch as far as synonyms go, but it’s a useful one nonetheless! After all, it’s perfect for describing how my choice to prank-call the police might lead to some unforeseen circumstance.

9. Unpredictable

Wow, who could have predicted this one?

10. Shocking

A good synonym for any surprises related to exposed wire.

11. Sudden

This is the word I’d use to describe the end of this senten

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