Beauty On The Inside! This Dog Loves His Master For Her Bones!

Moose knows it's what's on the inside that counts.

Ruff ruff! The bond between a dog and its human can be one of the sweetest, most fulfilling experiences out there. There’s just something pure about a dog’s unconditional love. Dogs aren’t superficial—they don’t care about what you look like, or what you do; they care about what’s on the inside. There’s no better example of that than the relationship between Gretchen Storm and her terrier mix Moose, who understands that true beauty is more than skin deep—he loves his master for his bones!

What a good boy!

Every day, Moose’s bond with his master grows a little bit stronger, as he discovers more and more of Gretchen’s bones. Though untrained, Gretchen could tell Moose was a special dog the day she brought him home from the shelter. When every she comes home from work he’s excited to see her because of who she is, and the calcium phosphate that structures her body. He doesn’t expect her to live up to any unattainable standards of beauty like every at work or Gretchen’s last boyfriend, Rick. As long as she’s herself and takes care of that skeleton, Moose will love her no matter what. This pooch is in it for the long run!

Every day, he’s stays by her side, appreciating her for the things that really matter: her humerus, ulna, and femur. Can we get an awwww?

Talk about man’s best friend!

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