Big Shot Waiter Not Writing Down Order

Richards has politely informed the party that this is not his ‘first rodeo.’

Witnesses have reported that hot shot Buffalo Wild Wings Waiter James Richards took an entire party’s order last night without using a pen and pad to record even a single order.

“At first I thought he was just not gonna write down the drinks,” said Daniel Simons, a member of the party of six that Richards served. “But then we started ordering food, and he just stared at us and nodded as we ordered, without writing down anything at all.”

Other members of the party expressed exasperation at Richards for “showing off.”

“We get it,” said Jenna Fletcher, another party member. “Sure, he has a good memory, but it doesn’t mean he needs to flaunt it every time he takes an order. And if he gets the order wrong, that’s his fault.” Fletcher later questioned why Richards “couldn’t just act like a normal waiter.”

Even when all six party members ordered appetizers, entrées, and side dishes, Richards still refused to make a record of the orders in writing. The Buffalo Wild Wings patrons reported “overwhelming doubt” that Richards would actually remember any of their orders.

“I mean, if he actually pulls it off, I’d be really impressed,” said Fletcher. “But there’s just no way. We ordered drinks, appetizers, and entrees for six people. To be honest, I find not writing any of that down completely irresponsible.”

“Daniel made two substitutions to his entrée, and I asked for my salad without dressing or cheese. There’s just no way he’s gonna remember any of that.”

At press time, when Richards forgot two appetizers and an entrée, he claimed they were “waiting in the kitchen,” and would “be right out.”

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