Color Changing In Leaves, Kevin’s Mood Ring

Kevin’s ring, much like the leaves, displayed a plethora of color changes

With the fall season in full swing, the leaves on the trees in Ann Arbor are changing, and just as the leaves change their color, so too does the color change on Kevin’s mood ring.

Local parks and orchards have reportedly seen a huge spike in attendance as residents go out to appreciate the change from green to red this fall, just as Kevin’s mood ring changes from bright blue to a dull purple in the late autumn.

“Those colors just take your breath away. It’s magnificent,” said one resident. “This time of year brings about a beautiful change in colors in the leaves, as well as in Kevin’s mood ring.”

“The leaves are really beautiful this time of year. I’m so blown away by all the shades of orange, yellow, and red,” said another resident Brad McLawson. McLawson and his family have taken to walking around downtown and going to parks to take in the season’s beauty.

While the beauty of the leaves changing is an undeniable feat of nature, Kevin has opted to stay inside and admire the beauty of his ring.

“I don’t know if it’s the calm feeling of fall or the impending seasonal depression,” commented Kevin himself. “Either way, big color changes are happening and not just in the foliage.”

Patricia Gardner, Kevin’s mom, revealed her worries about Kevin’s choices to reporters.

“He should be able to appreciate the leaves. They’re beautiful, and that mood ring is just a cheap toy,” Gardner said. “That boy needs to get out more.”

Sources indicate that Gardner’s hurtful statements led Kevin’s mood ring to change to yellow.

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