Dance Team Too Loud

Mason Hall was filled with the sounds of swishing Adidas trackpants and preternatural screaming.

Reports emerged last Tuesday night that the dance team practicing in Mason Hall was way too fucking loud.

The hip-hop choreo group known as Dance 90X FusionS reportedly produced a cacophony of ugly sounds during their 90-minute midnight rehearsal this week, including excitedly clapping at each other, chanting out names while thumping chests, and shouting at members of the neighboring dance team they saw every Tuesday.

“At this point, it’s gotta be intentional,” said Billy Rollins, a student attempting to study in the Fishbowl. “There’s no way all that noise could possibly be helpful with the dancing stuff,” he added, as Dance 90X FusionS treasurer Stephen Kyle pulled out a megaphone from his backpack.

“It can’t be productive to listen to A$AP Ferg’s ‘Work REMIX’ at that volume, right?” asked janitor Alex Fortson while making rounds that night.

“Sometimes they stomp really hard and bang on the windows when there’s no music playing— does that help them with the choreography?” he wondered aloud.

“It’s lit!” reported team captain Abbie Olson at an unholy decibel level when reached for comment.

Dance 90X FusionS was last seen preparing their latest routine while screaming at the tops of their fucking lungs.

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